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Maritime Signaling Lanterns: a safe worth


Hercules Maritime Signaling Lanterns, with High-Power LEDs technology, are constructed of materials resistant to the marine environment. Its battery is recharged by solar panels but are prepared to receive external power either as a main power source or other support. All this makes him have a long life. There are various models of flashlights Hercules:

  • Lanterns Marine with synchronizated signaling system of flashes without the need for GPS: F3-MN-Sincro (3 miles) and F5-MN-Sincro (5 miles).
  • Not synchronized Lanterns Marine  with self-luminous intensity: F3-MN (3 miles) and F5-MN (5 miles).


The design and development of the lanterns have been made by HCTech. This product has been one of the lines of work of the department in recent years and demonstrates the quality of the products developed.



The synchronization of the flashes in the F5-MN-Sincro is independent of GPS without philosophy "and ready to mount" because when you install a new lamp is automatically synchronized with the rest grupo.La construction ensures that no glass degrade over the years.

Furthermore, glass (DURAN ® Borosilicate 3.3) acts as a UV filter to protect the optical degradation.

The shape of the upper visor protects the optical system of solar radiation and the suciedad.Colores: red, amber, green and white.


Technical Features



High-power LEDs.


Optical grade PMMA. Divergence vertical + / - 4 º to -3 dB. .

  • LUMINOUS INTENSITY: (angle 0 ° and 0 - 360 º horizontal):

         - 3 NM model:

                    Maximum: 46 candelas
                    Mean:  36 candelas
                    Mínimum: 27 candelas

      -  5 NM model:                    

                    Maximum:   170 candelas
                    Mean: 135 candelas
                    Mínimum: 100 candelas

  • RANGE (0.74/MN atmospheric transmissivity and minimum values of light intensity):

-   3 NM

-   5 NM


All IALA patterns and any other desired.

  • AUTONOMY (3NM models):

14 hours of daily operation (without battery power) and IALA typical pattern of flashes of 1 / 6 of time on / off.

- AMBER- RED: 28 days.

- GREEN: 50 days

- WHITE: 61 days.


             - High density polyethylene.

             - DURAN ® Borosilicate Glass 3.3

- Protection IP68 (inmersion).


12 kg.

+ Info


  • Economy: The components of the design does not require molds, being products on the market and which are adapted for this function.
  • Flexibility can be varied colors, diameters and heights adapted to the specific needs of each flashlight without entailing additional cost, facilitating the incorporation of a variety of internal components of different dimensions.
  • Easy installation: Decrease assembly time and costs to be modular and standardized components to work with. It also facilitates opening for maintenance or repair.
  • Robustness and unchangeable to environmental conditions: both polypropylene and glass have properties that ensure their properties over time even under adverse external environment.


+ Technical References:

  • The lantern is built on the outside of materials indegradables even in marine environments.
  • The polymer housing is high density polyethylene pigmented so there is no loss of original color produced by rubbing, scratches, bumps, etc.
  • For the closure is used stainless steel screws.
  • It has a system using LEDs that can monitor a variety of parameters (battery status, system monitoring synchronization, ...).
  • The optical system is particularly careful that the LEDs work at low temperature, not to shorten its life.
  • Self-management of the emitted light intensity based on the level of battery power (useful in winter). User-programmable function.




  • APIA XXI, S.A., Santander. 2 Linternas Modelo Linterna 3MN no sincro
  • Agrupamiento Constructor Unidade Piscicultura de Mira (ACUPM), Porto (Portugal), Equipamineto de Boyas, linternas 5 MN, tren de fondeo, etc.



  • Somage Engenheria, Sintra (Portugal). Equipamiento de Boyas, linternas 3 MN, tren de fondeo, etc.
  • Observatorio Ambiental Granadilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Equipamiento Hidroboya con Linternas Modelo 3 MN
  • Acorde Techbologies, S.A., Santander. Linterna 3 MN no sincro.